Squat Mechanics

Whether you are a long-time athlete or new to exercise, you have probably heard about the importance of proper form as you move through exercises. Proper form is important not only for an effective workout, but also for safety, to ensure you don’t injure yourself. One exercise in particular that gets a lot of attention…read more

Dr. Bainbridge meets with Insurance Commissioner Michael Conway

Dr. Scott Bainbridge met with Insurance Commissioner Michael Conway along with representatives from the American Medical Association (AMA), Manatt Health, and the Colorado Medical Society to discuss ideas on improving pain and substance misuse patients’ access to care.

Dr. Bainbridge Attends Governor’s Signing of Senate Bill 22

On May 21st, 2018 Dr. Bainbridge attended Governor Hickenlooper’s signing of Senate Bill 22. Earlier in the month he testified in both the house and senate in support of this bill to fight the opioid epidemic. This bill mandates certain clinical practice measures to ensure safer opioid prescribing. The opioid epidemic affects the entire United…read more

Is Your Bag Causing Back Pain?

Could the way you carry bags be harming your back? Perhaps. Lugging around heavy bags can cause or worsen pain in your neck, shoulders, and back. The size and weight of bags, as well as the posture used to carry them, can lead to aches and pains. Small fixes, like how much you put in…read more

Platelet Rich Plasma Q&A

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are an innovative form of treatment for musculoskeletal injuries. Recent accounts of elite athletes utilizing PRP therapy to accelerate their return to play after injury have popularized the treatment method. NBA star Stephen Curry, tennis player Rafael Nadal, and golfer Tiger Woods are just a few famous athletes that have…read more

Coping with Chronic Stress

Stress triggers physical reactions in the body designed to help you take on a potential danger or difficulty. A mix of chemicals and hormones are released that prepare us to quickly respond to the situation. The stress response increases your heart rate, quickens breathing, tightens muscle, and raises blood pressure. Small doses of stress are…read more