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Squat Mechanics

Whether you are a long-time athlete or new to exercise, you have probably heard about the importance of proper form as you move through exercises. Proper form is important not only for an effective workout, but also for safety, to ensure you don’t injure yourself. One exercise in particular that gets a lot of attention…read more

Dr. Bainbridge meets with Insurance Commissioner Michael Conway

Dr. Scott Bainbridge met with Insurance Commissioner Michael Conway along with representatives from the American Medical Association (AMA), Manatt Health, and the Colorado Medical Society to discuss ideas on improving pain and substance misuse patients’ access to care.

Dr. Bainbridge Attends Governor’s Signing of Senate Bill 22

On May 21st, 2018 Dr. Bainbridge attended Governor Hickenlooper’s signing of Senate Bill 22. Earlier in the month he testified in both the house and senate in support of this bill to fight the opioid epidemic. This bill mandates certain clinical practice measures to ensure safer opioid prescribing. The opioid epidemic affects the entire United…read more

Drs. Bainbridge and Trainor Attend Regenerative Medicine Conference in California

Dr. Bainbridge and Dr. Trainor recently attended a regenerative medicine conference in Newport Beach California to learn more about the regenerative and healing properties of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and platelet rich plasma (PRP).  Specifically, they learned the value of using both stem cells and platelet rich plasma in combination to take advantage of the…read more

Drs. Trainor and Bainbridge participate in Workers’ Compensation Treatment Guidelines Task Force

Dr. Trainor and Dr. Bainbridge have appreciated the recent opportunity to participate as members of the Workers’ Compensation Chronic Pain Disorder & Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Medical Treatment Guidelines Task Force. Dr. Bainbridge DOWC Dr. Trainor DOWC

Wounded Warriors Program

Proud Member of the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation’s Wounded Warriors Program. Learn More Article: “Regenerative Orthopedics Offer New Hope to Injured Soldiers”