Neck Pain and Headaches

The neck can be a source of headaches, and this is the case for many people who suffer from headaches.

The reason that there is such a close tie between neck pain and headache is that the nerves that carry pain signals from the neck overlap (or “converge”) with those nerves that carry pain signals from the head. This “crossing of wires”, or neurological “cross-talk”, occurs in the upper cervical spine. This can make the diagnosis of the underlying problem challenging.

People with headache and neck pain should seek out spine physicians with the ability to use history, image review, manual diagnostic skills, and diagnostic spinal injections to arrive at the correct diagnosis so that appropriate treatment can be applied. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist, J. Scott Bainbridge, M.D., provides his expertise in these areas towards treating individuals with neck and head pain.

C0-C1 Joint Block

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