Spine Specialized Physical Therapy

Dr. Amy Valenta

Here at Denver Back Pain Specialists, our highly-skilled manual physical therapy team, including has worked together since 2005. We have devised treatment protocols and guidelines to assist with reducing your pain so you can return to your everyday activities faster. Our team members have specialized in treatment of the spine for over 15 years and hold doctorate levels of education. Our Denver physical therapists are all Certified Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists and provide one-to-one treatment while working with you to establish a program specific to your goals and individual needs.

A manual physical therapist goes through extensive continuing education and spine specialized training to be able to utilize a wide variety of pain-relieving, hands-on techniques that achieve relief through movement of the joints and soft tissue.

Use of these techniques help you get back to life as quickly as possible and have been found to be more beneficial than exercise alone. While a general physical therapist might spend, weeks trying heat, ice, ultrasound, or use other passive modalities, the goal of our manual physical therapists is to enable you to perform a customized home exercise program that will begin on your first day of treatment.

Instead of prescribing bed rest or inactivity, Denver Back Pain Specialists encourages treatment early on to speed up return to activity. Some of the exercises utilized by spine specialized physical therapists include spinal stabilization. These specialized exercises work on you learning how to control the movement of the spine in a way that will allow you to get back to higher level exercises faster. We also participate in extensive continuing education to ensure than we are up to date with the latest treatment techniques and research.

There are many different schools of thought but the best spine-specialized therapists incorporate multiple approaches to customize the treatment program specifically for you. This approach delivers quicker and longer lasting pain relief allowing you to progress faster and helping prevent against re-injury.

Some of our Physical Therapy services in Denver include:

  • Manual Physical Therapy: Joint Mobilization, Muscle Energy Techniques, Neural Mobility, Soft Tissue Techniques
  • Intramuscular Therapy / Trigger Point Dry Needling
  • Spine Specialized Physical Therapy Treatment and Sport Specific Training Program
    • Golf Swing Evaluation and Performance Programs
  • Neurological Re-education: Including Spinal Stabilization Techniques
  • Postural Education and Balance Training
  • Injury Prevention and EducationAnatomy of neck pain
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Orthotic Evaluation and Prescription

Common diagnosis treated:

Our physical therapy team also takes great pride in our investment in the community assisting with maintaining and teaching a healthy lifestyle— from coaching swimming to providing medical support to our Denver-based sports teams.

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