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Denver Back Pain Specialists has only one mission, YOU. Our goal is to reduce and help you effectively manage your pain so you can continue the activities you love. Whether you have chronic pain or are suffering from pain due to a car accident, work injury, or a sports injury, our team is highly trained and certified to diagnose and treat your symptoms.

Beyond spine care, we treat every joint, muscle, and nerve issue you need to address. The goal of each staff member is to provide the highest quality spine, sports and pain care with compassion, integrity and excellence. Here at Denver Back Pain Specialists, we offer a full spectrum of services for any pain complaint, ranging from diagnostic to non-operative interventions. Services include consultative and procedural options, as well as individualized treatment planning, education, physical therapy, pain-oriented behavioral health and lifestyle management of painful conditions. Our physician and physical therapy teams offer the most up-to-date treatment techniques, including regenerative medicine, to decrease pain and return you to the activities you love.

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