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“Dear Dr. Bainbridge, My husband Bob was with me when I had my first appt. with you last Monday Jan. 22nd. It was a pleasure to meet you. We appreciate the helpful and detailed information you gave us. I look forward to seeing you again if the need arises.” Sincerely, Sue, 1/28/18

“Very pleased with Dr. Trainor and other staff.” Shane, 2/27/18

“Great staff. Great doctors. This was my first time in to see Dr. Bainbridge and do not regret it!!” Joshua, 2/26/18

“Excellent treatment and support.” Jan, 2/23/18

“Thanks for the great service & honest consultation!”Ginger, 2/22/18

“Had an excellent evaluation session” Glenn, 2/21/18

“Quality care at all levels, excellent front office staff, caring practice. A truly genuine group of people who want to see you feel better.” Kim, 2/19/18

“Excellent front staff. Patient centered experience.” Tamara, 2/14/18

“Very satisfied… Dr. Bainbridge gave me over 30 minutes and answered all my questions. Front office staff was very professional and helpful. A 10 out of 10 and I’m not easy to satisfy.” David, 2/13/18

“I like my therapist and feel confident she has pinpointed what I need to work on and is giving me exercises that are appropriately challenging.” Kathy, 2/8/18

“Dr. B awesome. Every staff member I encountered was very professional & helpful.” William, 2/8/18

“Knowledgeable, professional and great communicators!” Robert, 2/8/18

“Marcia is great. I would rate my care as 5/5 stars. She really is the best. The front desk staff is also nice. I have had some issues with the billing department. They have not been very responsive is addressing some ongoing billing issues with me.” Amanda, 2/8/18

“You always do everything well. You match the exercises to the patient’s abilities, needs, &current emotional state. You keep the patient safe, challenged and having fun!” Donna, 2/8/18

“I had a very pleasant, informative consultation and was impressed with the professional, knowledgeable staff. I am looking forward to being treated by Dr. Trainor.” Ralph, 1/30/18

“The doctor [Dr. Trainor] was very professional and nice… the one thing that stood out to me [was] he was asking me more questions than I could ask him about my condition. I like that it showed me that he was concern[ed] about my condition.” JB 6/7/17

“I was very impressed by the professionalism and care of the entire staff. Dr. Bainbridge is straightforward, spent a great deal of time with me, and has the experience, knowledge, and wisdom I’ve been looking for in a back pain specialist.” EH 5/19/17

“Dr. Bainbridge is very knowledgeable and will answer all concerns. Office staff is one of the best I’ve seen.” SG 5/16/17

“Dr. Trainor is an excellent physician. He takes time to explain his evaluations and proposed treatments.” 5/16/17

“… Jadon Redington was the PA that visited with us, [we] feel comfortable talking with him and [he] helped us understand the changes in medicine that were needed. His explanation was clear and concise and he answered questions we both had about the drug being prescribed…” JC 5/10/17

“… I have seen many medical care givers in my life. I would rank Sophie Baxter in the top two. Her demeanor spoke loudly of professionalism, yet she also displayed a personal side which made my wife and me very comfortable. She spent ample time with me so that my questions were answered completely and asked me questions that made me feel that I was receiving a thorough examination and analysis. It proved to be a very worthwhile experience for me.” BP 5/3/17

“… Dr. Bainbridge and his staff (Janelle, Jeanette, Marcia, Brent, etc.) have all been WONDERFUL to me the past 3.5 years since my car accident! I have had 23 procedures with Dr. Bainbridge, 3 rounds of PT with Marcia and Brent, Dr. Trainor did my trial spinal cord stimulator implant, and his staff have answered countless phone calls for me to get my prescriptions squared away and any other needs I have had…” AM 4/21/17

“Suzanne and Sophie are true professionals… they impressed me right off with their knowledge, listening skills, and flexibility to let the appointment unfold organically. All of my questions were answered and they spent time explaining anatomy and physiology so I can be a more informed patient. Trust gained!” JT 4/21/17

“Got in right away. Staff is very attentive and helpful. Dr. Bainbridge was thorough and patient. Great experience.” 3/8/17

“Sophie Baxter, the PA who took care of me yesterday was outstanding. Her ability to explain the results of my MRI and answer my questions put me at ease, and gave me the confidence that everything would be ok.” BC 3/1/17

“. . . Thank you for using your finely tuned skills to take away my back pain, Wow! What a relief! I’m touting your praises to everyone I know, I’m so grateful for your help” JA 11/5/2012

“ . . . Thank you again so much for all your patience. I don’t know any other doctors who would do what you did for me. “ LB 12/25/12

“. . . Denver Back Pain Specialists helped me get pain-free. Thank you so much for making the time and working me into your schedule on the same day you were to fly to San Francisco for a medical conference . . . Thanks again for going the extra mile to help me. “ CH

“. . . Your knowledge of anatomy – merely brilliant. Your manual dexterity – quasi-magical. With thanks for a 57th anniversary totally free of pain. . . “ NR 3/20/14

“ . . . You did a hip injection on me and it worked. You said you think we found the problem, and you did. . . . Thank you for the diagnosis. I really appreciate it” SH 9/10/13

“ . . . Thank you so much for all your help this summer and fall to help figure out the source of my back pain and then the best course of action to treat it. Even though it needed surgery, it appreciate all you did and it meant so much” BT 11/2014

“ . . . Thank you so much for getting me in so quickly for the injection today. This was such a better experience than the injection I had 11 years ago. I really appreciate your help. “ NM 5/23/13

“ . . . I want to thank you for being so determined to find the source of my pain. I had surgery to my cervical spine three weeks ago and already feel better. My world was getting very dark, but I’m seeing the sunlight again . . . “ CM 10/14

“ . . . Thank you for the kind and wonderful care you have always taken of my ailing spine . . . I am forever thankful to you for helping me live well with my back problem” LK 12/13

“As a new patient, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for making me feel at east and comfortable in your office. You listened to my complaints, answered my questions and cared about my well being. I would highly recommend you to anyone. . . “ JC 11/12

“. . . The injections of Friday have been nothing short of miraculous in banishing pain and enabling me to stand upright (almost). Thanks seems a wholly inadequate response to what feels like a gift from the gods. . . ”  NR 5/13

“. . . The back pain is much mitigated. The leg pain, which came nearest to crippling me, is GONE! I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: I could not possibly be more grateful” NR 9/13

“I wanted to let you know how much better my back and neck are doing. I was able to do my big bike event, the Iron Horse Classic, which has been on my bucket list for about 10 years. The goal of the race is to beat the train that leaves Durango at the same time as the cyclists and I did it!!! I thank you for your help in getting me over the hump so I could accomplish my goal of doing the Iron Horse Classic” AC 7/13

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