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What is a Physical Therapist?

In general, a physical therapist (PT) is a highly educated, licensed healthcare professional who works with patients to reduce their pain, improve and restore their mobility and increase their function. In many cases, they can help patients avoid an expensive surgery and reduce the need for long term use of prescription medications that can have serious side effects.

Denver Physical Therapy is primarily concerned with identifying and maximizing quality of life and movement in the promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention and rehabilitation of an individual.  Research and advances in technology are continuously providing new evidence and tools for physical therapists to use to assist patients with reaching their goals through rehabilitation

Physical therapists teach patients how to decrease their pain, rehabilitate impairments, improve their level of function and prevent reoccurrence. Physical therapists evaluate everyone and develop an individual plan utilizing different treatment techniques. Each patient’s individual goals are incorporated into the plan.

Denver Physical therapy generally includes:

  • manual therapy
  • therapeutic exercise
  • modalities
  • home exercise program

There are many types of physical therapists. Physical therapists at Denver Back Pain Specialists specialize not only in spine pain treatment, but also other orthopedic related conditions including joint injuries and carpal tunnel. Our physical therapists are expert knee, ankle, wrist, hip, elbow and shoulder physical therapists. The physical therapy team utilizes a combination of manual therapy, neuro re-education, and therapeutic exercise to establish a treatment plan specific to your needs and goals.

Additional information about physical therapy can be found at www.apta.org

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