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Coping with Chronic Stress

Stress triggers physical reactions in the body designed to help you take on a potential danger or difficulty. A mix of chemicals and hormones are released that prepare us to quickly respond to the situation. The stress response increases your heart rate, quickens breathing, tightens muscle, and raises blood pressure. Small doses of stress are…read more

Good Posture Means Less Back Pain

Good posture is the position that puts your body in the least amount of strain. Not only does good posture project confidence and poise, but your body actually functions at its best when it is well aligned. Bad posture can throw you into a vicious cycle where slouching causes back pain, which in turn worsens posture, causing…read more

Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Management

Chronic pain is frustrating and disruptive, but mindfulness meditation may be able to play a small role in the management of your pain. Mindfulness meditation involves listening intently to your body while concentrating on your breathing. While more research has to be done on mindfulness’s effectiveness as a pain management method, early mindfulness studies have…read more

Back Pain-Free Gardening

Gardening is all about getting your hands dirty to allow something beautiful to grow. Tending to a garden gets you out in the fresh air and sunshine doing exercise. The mix of physical activity and immersion in nature makes gardening a great activity for stress relief. Since it’s a low-impact form of exercise, it’s also…read more

Summer Wellness

Summer has finally arrived! We hope you are outside reading or enjoying your favorite sport. With warmer weather and the sunshine comes more free time for outdoor sports and activities such as gardening, rugby, tennis, hiking, cycling, and golf. More time outdoors or out on the green, or even cleaning out the garage, can mean…read more

Importance of Physical Therapy in Rugby and Other Sports

Because sports cause a lot of wear and tear on the body, physical therapy is an essential aspect of training.  Though athletes may only consider consulting a physical therapist when an injury occurs, one of the most important benefits of physical therapy is injury prevention.  Physical therapy is essential in a high contact and fast-paced…read more