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Importance of Physical Therapy in Rugby and Other Sports

Because sports cause a lot of wear and tear on the body, physical therapy is an essential aspect of training.  Though athletes may only consider consulting a physical therapist when an injury occurs, one of the most important benefits of physical therapy is injury prevention.  Physical therapy is essential in a high contact and fast-paced…read more

Avoid Back Pain While Cycling

Biking in Denver and beyond, is bigger than ever. Nationwide, bike commuting is at an all-time high. Just in Denver, the number of bike commuters grew by 130% between 1990 and 2013. In addition to bike-friendly lanes for commuters, the Denver area has miles and miles of diverse trails for recreational cyclists, both dirt trails…read more

4 Ways to Prevent Golf Related Back Pain

The game of golf is not easy on the back. Between the repetitive twisting and bending motions required to hit the ball and the stress on your back from lugging around a heavy bag of clubs on the course, it’s no wonder that back pain is the most common golf injury. Casual golfers and pros…read more