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Dr. Bainbridge meets with Insurance Commissioner Michael Conway

Dr. Scott Bainbridge met with Insurance Commissioner Michael Conway along with representatives from the American Medical Association (AMA), Manatt Health, and the Colorado Medical Society to discuss ideas on improving pain and substance misuse patients’ access to care.

Is Your Bag Causing Back Pain?

Could the way you carry bags be harming your back? Perhaps. Lugging around heavy bags can cause or worsen pain in your neck, shoulders, and back. The size and weight of bags, as well as the posture used to carry them, can lead to aches and pains. Small fixes, like how much you put in…read more

Sacroiliac Joint RF Ablation (L5DR, S1-3 LB)

SIJ RFN Review J. Scott Bainbridge, MD   Back pain is a pervasive problem in the general population [1].  The origin of this pain is not always well understood, and as a result of this, there is mixed evidence for many treatments.  Living with chronic pain results in lost productivity, decrements in quality of life…read more

How to Rake Leaves Without Hurting Your Back

How to Rake Leaves Without Hurting Your Back Stretch before and after To help alleviate the muscle pain that you feel after raking leaves you need to stretch both before and after your raking sessions. Raking can be an aerobic activity, just like when you do cardio at the gym. When stretching, try to remember…read more

Spine Intervention for Allied Healthcare Professionals: A Team Approach

Dr. Bainbridge is proud to have been a part of this ISIS course’s conceptualization, creation, and programing, and thankful that outstanding ISIS faculty members have agreed to volunteer their time and expertise for this inaugural presentation for allied healthcare professionals.

Stem Cell Study to Treat Low Back Pain

Denver Back Pain Specialists’ Physician Continues Enrollment in United States Stem Cell Therapy Study
in Subjects with Chronic Back Pain