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Overview of Treatment Guideline for Cervical (and Lumbar) Radicular Pain

Cervical and Lumbar Spine Radicular And Axial Neck and Back Pain Conservative Treatment Guide


This treatment guide was originally written for a research protocol, to guide the conservative treatment of cervical radicular (shoulder/arm) pain. This guide also serves, however, to help direct the care of neck and back pain, and, lumbosacral and thoracic radicular pain.

The conservative management of spine related pain and dysfunction requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Optimizing outcomes relies on the physiatrists’ use of physical, pharmacologic, and psychological options to provide individualized and comprehensive pain management and functional rehabilitation programs for each patient.

Physiatrists, or other conservative spine care providers, must also be able to provide counseling regarding the option of surgical consultation, in the context of a comprehensive care plan. Circumstances such as severe and disabling pain, progressive weakness, or loss of balance, coordination, or bowel or bladder function may require urgent surgical intervention.

This page ties to other content in this Provider Resources section of this web site, including sections on cervical epidural steroid injections and physical therapy for neck and arm (radicular) pain, and the use of medication, complimentary medicine and psychological approaches for the treatment of pain.

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