Conditions and Treatments

Physical Therapy

The physical therapy team at Denver Back Pain Specialists is a group of highly educated and skilled physical therapists and assistants specializing in the spine and general orthopedics. This includes all upper and lower extremity and spine conditions as well as post-operative rehabilitation. Each patient is individually evaluated and a customized treatment plan is developed to incorporate their specific needs and treatment goals.

Physical therapy treatment at Denver Back Pain Specialists may include a variety of manual therapy, including soft tissue work, joint mobilization and trigger point dry needling, A tailored exercise program is also created for each patient to address pain, mobility, strengthening and improvement in function.

Our physical therapy team works collaboratively with our physicians to help each patient achieve their best outcome. A patient may undergo physical therapy in conjunction with other medical interventions such as diagnostics, medication or various types of injections targeted at decreasing pain, inflammation or regenerating tissue. This is a coordinated effort between physical therapy and the medical team at Denver Back Pain Specialists and is a mutual decision between the patient and providers.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be your physical therapy team and help you return to your best self.

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