Conditions and Treatments

Injury Prevention and Education

The Physical Therapy team at DBPS takes a very thorough, comprehensive approach to evaluating patients not only for their current pain and problems, but also for the root causes of the problem in addition to any potential injury risks in other areas of the body. This is accomplished by assessing how that particular patient moves throughout their entire body and not just in the area where the pain is located. The human body moves as a whole and limited or dysfunctional movement in one area of the body can create or contribute to pain or problems in another area. Therefore, the DBPS Physical Therapy team looks at its patients in this manner in order to provide treatment that is designed to eliminate their current pain as well as the causes that brought it about to begin with.

The process of whole body movement screening used by the DBPS Physical Therapy team is the Select Functional Movement Screen (SFMA).

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